A4 Copy Paper Double A/Chamex


Double-A A4 paper is a product known and sourced for by companies, organizations and individuals due to its high quality and reliability.

This great product is the perfect solution for your printing needs.

Double-A sets the benchmark with a super smooth, high-performance paper produced in an environmentally sustainable process – paper from Office Emporium

Sustainable Development
Double A’s Paper from Office Emporium is a unique model of sustainable fiber sourcing for high-quality paper, which mitigates Global Warming. This process creates positive rural community engagement, job opportunity, and a better livelihood for the farmers and members of the community.

No waste is wasted in Double A’s environmentally-friendly process. Double-A generates renewable energy from wood by-product and draws water from the excess rainwater runoff, which fills our 35million cubic meter reservoir.

Smoothness – Feel the difference
Double A’s smooth quality comes from the unique fiber in Double-A Paper-Tree. This high fibrous content gives the paper sharper, clearer prints, high opacity for double-sided printing, and a smooth finish.

Feel the Double-A difference!


Trusted performance paper for your printing and copying needs in your office


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